Indie Vision Music

I am a music freak and I love a good song regardless of genre attachments and specifications. A good song is a good song, plain and simple. I have always felt a ?calling? so to say in the realm of sharing great independent music from artists who love God and wish to share ?Hope? through the music they create. I run Indie Vision Music not to make money, get rich, or look ?cool?. I do it because of my love for music, my love for God, and for sharing hopeful music among a growing community of believers. We seek to not only grow the community through love and content but also fundamentally change the environment by running things completely independent of what others are doing. ?Independent? and ?DIY? are two elements I believe in strongly and will continue to operate in that manner for years to come. We seek to offer REAL hope and change of heart through the music. Feel it, breathe it, embrace it, and listen to the heartbeat of great music

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