I Rock I Roll

a digital director and former New Yorker by way of Chicago who is now living in in a pink building in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, CA. I enjoy music (obviously), nail polish, crock pots, my dvr, stinky cheese, nora ephron, bacon and french bulldogs. i do not enjoy pearl jam, people who eat food in the locker room at the gym, cankles, zooey deschanel and other things that are not awesome. for the past ten years i wrote a music blog about being young, vaguely employed, semi-intoxicated on vodka sodas and having a great time on the lower east side of manhattan and in brooklyn discovering new music. I spent some time working in the music industry, particularly a major label and have some weird stories about that. now that I’m a bit older my interests have “evolved” into a combination of the aforementioned with a little more “on my couch in sweatpants with a glass of pinot and Nashville on DVR” than before. join me as i talk about things that will still include music.. and then some

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