Music junkie’s Holy Bible! We have varied tastes and we are crazy about emerging talented artists; we run a music blog that has became a real multimedia platform. Our main focus is reviewing materials (album, EP, video, tracks) from new up and coming artists. We also cover the releases of established ones. If you wanna send us a video or a track, please use SubmitHub. Do you wanna submit a whole EP or LP? Reach us on HumanHuman. Why isn’t it free? At HighClouds, we pay our writers. We think that the music business should be fair for everyone and, in the same way we respect the work of all the artists whose music we come across, we believe that the people who write about the music also deserve to be compensated. Don’t get us wrong: by paying 50 cents, you don’t make anyone rich! Nevertheless, this act is symbolic: it proves that the writers are deserving and you give some consideration to their work, just like they are doing with yours. facebook.com/highcloudsmag @HighCloudsmag

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