Heilewelt, The

A place where everything seems to be good, nothing bad is happening, everything is ideal just like it supposed to be. It is the ideal world … and it can just exist on a superficial level. The way I explore music is always very personal and sentimental. As time is a precious thing, you will only find bands and artists I – at least – like a lot on here. This blog doesn’t follow any specific music genre, it just follows the diverse taste of its owner. It is focused on interesting artists rather than popular artists. The blog features reviews, love letters, interviews and mediocre concert photos. If you have anything* you want to recommend to the Heilewelt (which is just me basically), please contact me via e-mail. Please be aware that I get quite a few e-mails and I am just one person, so don’t get mad when I don’t answer immediately or never. I try to. *anything means it should be somewhere near the music you find on this blog. Think about it before you just send me a copy/paste press e-mail. @Heilewelt

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