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A blog dedicated to Heavy Music and all its friends, featuring Metal news, reviews, interviews and other nincompoopery. So you want us to hear your music? Awesome! The best way to do that is to send us an email with some info about your band and direct us to your Bandcamp or Soundcloud page by emailing us. If you want to send MP3s, artwork, anything via e-mail, that’s cool. If you want us to hear your whole album, just send us a LINK! Bandcamp is our favorite website, but if you want to send us a copy of your album through another means, Mediafire is our favorite file host! Physical packages are also welcome! If you want to send any physical packages, promo materials or letters to Heavy Blog Is Heavy, please send us an e-mail to get the mailing address so we may direct your material to the writer who would appreciate it the most, thus maximizing chances for a better review. facebook.com/heavyblog @HeavyBlog

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