Funky 16 Corners (H)

This is the third incarnation of the Funky16Corners Blog. It originated in 2004 on Blogger, and moved to WordPress (the free blogging service) two years later because Blogger was an unreliable piece of shit. WordPress was fantastic, easy to use and reliable. I stayed there another three years, until they went on a tear shutting down MP3 blogs (without warning) for what I can only assume were DMCA/copyright notices. Funky16Corners wasn?t shut down (or threatened) but I wasn?t about to have five years of work go into the toilet, so I decided to figure out how to set up the blog on my own server using the WordPress platform. I have been writing about music in various forms (zines, newspapers, e-zines, blogs) since the mid-80?s. The Funky16Corners blog started in November of 2004 to focus on funk and soul vinyl. Since mid-2006, in addition to individual MP3 tracks, I have been posting mixes under the title Funky16Corners radio. Most MP3s and mixes will be available for a few weeks

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