A Canadian based music video blog that explores the intersections between Electronic, Pop, Retro and Contemporary inspired music genres. Our music video selections provide our visitors with an experience that feels both nostalgic and fresh. We believe the artists we feature are immensely gifted and unique creatives and we aim to facilitate the sharing of their experiences, perspectives, art and efforts to challenge and redefine the confines of Modern Pop music. FRINGE MUSIC FIX provides an exciting, simple and concise experience that facilitates new music discovery, diversity, representation and the growth of new artist’s global reach. We primarily share music videos. Please submit YouTube, Soundcloud or Vimeo links only. We will likely skip over other formats, as they are not easily supported by our site. While we are open to any genre, we tend to prefer music from Electronic and Pop music genres. We love the 80’s and early 90’s. Anything reminiscent of those periods will likely garner our admiration. Creative, absurd, provocative, surreal, abstract or dark music videos tend to fit nicely into our curation. @FRINGEMUSICFIX

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