Filles Sourires

A musicblog about girls singing in French? Pourquoi?! Did you listen to any of the mp3s? Did you hear the girls sing with their high, breathy voices, songs about love, lust, broken hearts, nasty men, the weather, fairytales? And you weren?t enchanted, you did not feel butterflies in your belly, you did not feel the urge to write poetry by candlelight, or stare out of the window and sigh, just sigh from time to time? Strange. I do. Why French? It?s the language of love, what can I say? Carla Bruni told me (face to face, yes) that it?s impossible to write simple songs in French. Lyrics have to be smart, otherwise they get plain stupid. You cannot write a song like, say, Love Me Do in French, and still sound good. Lio?s Bananasplit being the only exception

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