Death Metal Underground

The oldest and longest-running metal site on the internet. For review, send an e-mail LINK to your electronic press kit (EPK). Make sure to include: MP3 of the full release. Large (1200x1200px or greater) cover image. Contact information for the band. If you need to post a press release, do so in our forum (see our advice for bands article). When you contact us for review, do not ask if you can send the link; just send the link. Like other music sites, we have a ‘review stack’ on which we dump the MP3s and then listen as we can. Remove as many barriers to this process as possible. Most reviewers like to throw on the whole album, not selected tracks. This way, we hear all of what you have to offer. Most reviewers will listen to the first track until they find something that seems obvious, overdone, typical, random, etc. and then begin skipping tracks. They will listen to these subsequent tracks to see if anything grabs them in the first minute or less. For this reason, your first track should be something relatively compelling. @metal_of_death

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