CFUV – U. Victoria

A submission must include at least three unique tracks to be considered for airplay. The three tracks may not include remixes, acoustic takes, demo versions, etc. There are few exceptions to this rule. Electronic artist/DJ mixes often are only released in single format and we allow those but every other genre we expect at least 3 tracks. If you’re submission is digital please send us MP3s with a minimum of 320 kbps either through a digital download link (Dropbox, Google Drive, Wetransfer etc.) or e-mailed files. We do not accept CD or digital singles because we are an album-based format, meaning we play deep cuts from CDs and not necessarily the single/focus track. CFUV does accept 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch vinyl singles with at least one b-side. @CFUV

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