Burning Ear, The

A music blog for people who don’t have time for music blogs. TBE sifts through tons of new music and bring the best of the best right here. TBE focuses on new music but we aren’t about the bleeding edge, the next big thing, or the ‘new’ new (There are plenty other music blogs for that). While other music blogs pillage through the interwebs to shove new updates out, TBE is only about the good stuff. The top notch. The tunes you will find here are tried and true and more than likely will come from an album full of similarly fantastic jams. With that in mind, TBE may even talk about a band you have already heard of like 5 weeks ago. Relax! Not everyone is so on top of their shit! Anyway, welcome. We only accept submissions via SubmitHub. SubmitHub is a great system for streamlining the music submission process and increasing my ability to give you feedback. Visit our website for submission details.

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