Brutal Resonance

In the first six months, Brutal Resonance has evolved from a Swedish only netzine, to an established International zine of the highest standard. With professional and experienced staff from all over the world, we offer you knowledge on the widest of genres. To answer a commonly asked question, we are truly independent with no special agreements. This means that we will feature any label or artist that falls within our spectrum. Regardless of personal bias, all releases that are featured will be given the scrutiny we believe they deserve. This means that we are not afraid to give something a low score if we dislike it. At risk of controversy, we do firmly believe that we should give an honest opinion. If our staff do not like an album, then we simply will not tell the audience to buy it. However, we do also promise a fair and accurate review.This means that (apart from in rare cases), even the lowest scoring albums will be balanced out, so that the pros and cons are both documented

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