Bringing Down The Band!

Submit your music using our ONLINE FORM. Please follow our basic guidelines when submitting your content. Please note that we only share original music, songs, videos, beats, and content high in quality that we actually, personally like. We will not share video teasers, interviews from unknown artists, songs with jacked beats, unoriginal music, low-quality music, and anything else that is not up to par with the standard of quality we find necessary at BDTB. Please note that you absolutely MUST use either Soundcloud, Bandcamp or Audiomack when submitting music for us to stream. Additionally, you must submit a hi-res image that is at least 770px in width with your content. We will not review or post your content if you do not follow these simple guidelines. Content will generally be reviewed, and either deleted or forwarded to the second round of reviews, in 1-2 weeks. Please do not submit the same submission twice: we’ll just delete it and blacklist you. Good luck! @bdtb

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