This is a personal weblog about my current (ambient) favourites. I do not aim for completeness, because there is too much music ? even too much g¢¢d music ? to try. These posts are meant as recommendations, not reviews. I write neither in-depth analyses nor poetic emotional descriptions: there are many other blogs with writers that can do that better and more eloquent than me. I try to keep the information short, just enough to (hopefully) raise your interest to check out the album. For that purpose, I will add the Spotify link (when available), but of course, I hope you will support the artists by buying their music if you like it. For that, I recommend using Bandcamp because I think they provide the best business model to support independent artists and small labels. (Most of these titles probably will not be stocked at your local record shop, but if they are, be sure to support them too!)

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