Against PR

An independent press relations company based in Portugal and we’re specializing in Metal and Hard Rock since 2012. What we’ll do is to set up a promo area and then send a private download invitation to all our media partners (over 4.000 contacts), where they can download and stream your promo. Since we’re able to track media’s activity in our system, we will then send follow-ups, ask about their plans for the promo and forward all results to you. Besides that, we can and will send press releases to announce the release date, tracklist, artwork and general info (if promotion starts before release date), as well as sending press releases to announce exclusive streamings (we can find partners for you), videos/lyric videos or other important news from the band we’re promoting. Promotion is done worldwide with special focus in Europe. Then comes North America, South America, Australia and in some other territories on a smaller scale.

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