A-Sides Radio Promotion

We can put you on the radio! It is said that if your song is played one time on even the smallest station in the US, it will be heard by 2,500 people. Relate that to the number of stations that are playing your song and the number of times your song is played by each station each week. It is no wonder that radio promotion is still considered the most valuable form of marketing in music today. We work with both major artists and unsigned artists. However, we keep a tight filter while selecting songs for our singles roster as we want to maintain commercial viability and great quality for the radio stations we service. For those singles that are selected for radio promotions, we offer affordable rates. We primarily service reporting and non-reporting radio stations within the following Christian formats: AC, Christian, Inspo, Rock and Gospel. If you are an artist or band interested in getting airplay, you may submit your music by e-mailing a MP3 of your song to our e-mail address. facebook.com/asidesradiopromotion @ASidesRadioPro

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