A Miscellany Of Tasteful Music

From the Rock Legends of generations to the Unsigned Bands of tomorrow – without them life would suck. Here you’ll find links and recommendations for new music releases and upcoming events in the Indie, Punk and Alternative Rock Scene – with tA Miscellany of Tasteful Music/Art/Film/Lit is a blog-zine dedicated to reviewing old and new artistic material from a non-political point-of-view. My art and music tastes hover from Baroque to Avant-Garde/Experimental, but I don?t quite fit the mold proscribed in more left-wing-leaning magazines such as The Wire, TNR or the Huffington Post. There are millions of people who enjoy interesting, tasteful and even radical forms of art who see no need in having the swallow the party line that comes with political views which seem dim at best and morally hopeless at worst.he occasional trip through other genres as well

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