A Closer Listen

We began to ask ourselves a few questions. What if a review site saw itself as being in partnership with labels, artists, fans and other sites, determined simply to spread the word about great new music? What if this site, although critical when necessary, vowed never to be harsh? What if the site’s writers bought so much music that they didn’t even need submissions? And what if those writing to the site received a personal response instead of a form letter? So we decided to do things a little differently. We listen to samples of everything that is sent our way, and respond personally to everyone who writes personally and submits music that fits our profiles. We are open to reviewing all music that falls into the Instrumental and/or Experimental fields, but our emphasis is on the Instrumental. While the Experimental music we review may contain vocals, it is better defined as texture-based rather than lyric-based. Before submitting music, please read some of our reviews in order to familiarize yourself with the type of styles we cover. Please don’t message us soliciting reviews for your project. Check our submission page for details on sending your music. facebook.com/acloserlisten @acloserlisten

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