Genre: Progressive Psytrance


The ultimate source for progressive psytrance or prog-trance mixes. The best mixes and tracks from international DJs and producers. You will find mixes up to 3 hours here so enjoy the spirit.


I made this channel with a purpose to promote psychedelic trance music – the artists who have decorated my life with their beautiful music for several years, and hopefully for a long time to come! And not forget, love is the key…

Progressive Mixes Playlist

Playlist with a purpose to promote progressive trance and progressive psytrance. And not forget, love is the key…

Hitech Trance

Hitech trance is fast highly technical psy music with a focus on polished beats, clear bass lines and glitchy sounds designed to reprogram the mind. The main definition of this style revolves around rhythmic patterns created by slicing and rearranging audio files coupled with some melodic elements and voice samples like a puzzle in the …

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Psychedelic Universe

This channel was created in 2013 with a purpose to promote psytrance artists and spread their awesome music worldwide! It features all the latest from your favorite artists and projects and also revives classic tracks and albums from the past. I created this channel because of the love I have for psytrance. I live and …

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Goa dark

Psychedelic music is my true passion 🙂 This is the right channel to find the best videos with common denominator of dark and psy. If you are interested in adding your video to my channel send me an e-mail.