Genre: Prog Metal

Spectrum Pulse

A channel where I talk about music, movies, art and culture. Spanning album reviews, deep dives into classics (Resonators), year-end lists both past and present and more!


Music reaction channel (mostly metal and rock). I like exploring different music and hearing new music. My favourite genres are death metal, melodeath, prog metal and prog rock.


Independent Norwegian rock and metal label. Indie Recordings have mainly focused on developing Norwegian acts. But, talent knows no borders and lately the label has gone on to sign several foreign successful acts. To submit your music, please visit our website.

VinAnd Sori

The adventures of Vin and Sori as they experience metal in all of its forms! The conversations are wide ranging such as Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll, Trumpism, Russian Conspiracies, The Moon Landing, Christianity, Atheism, Islam, Science and MORE!!! We also post interviews.