Genre: Neo Soul

La Musice

A playlist where I post music to help some artists get discovered. No private links, no unreleased songs. For song submissions please visit our SubmitHub page. There is a $2 fee for their submission service.


These enticing neo-soul songs with sounds from all over the globe will get you in all different types of vibes. From big time artists to locals from across the continents. Submit your music through our mysphera page RATES: $19.99 / track (21 day campaign) to $29.99/ track (30 day campaign).


Better than Rap Caviar, this is the best of boom bap, trap, sing rap, neo soul, contemporary R&B and more! No majors though, fresh finds only. Find them here before everyone knows who they are! Updated daily. DM Instagram for submissions.

Position Music

We are an independent publisher, record label and management firm, redefining what it means to be a music company. Submissions can be sent to our e-mail.

GVO Beats

My mission is to help artists reach their full potential and accomplish their goals by providing them with the most creative and cutting edge beats on the market. I make a beat. You make a masterpiece. LetÂ’s work. Mix and mastering services available for free on GVO purchased beats. Track outs available on all premium …

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We are an advertising and promotional YouTube channel for a large variety of music. Please visit our SubmitHub page to submit your music to us. There is a $2 fee for their submission service.

Music to Soothe The Soul Playlist

Neo-soul, Jazz, RnB, Hip hop and numerous newer styles are on full display here. All in the pursuit of making a playlist that speaks directly to the soul in each of us. To submit a track to this playlist, please visit my Music Submission Page.

MediaPro Music

A Romanian record label that manages a portfolio of over 50 local artists. We gathered and successfully promote some of the most representative Romanian artists. Our mission is to discover and promote artists at their best potential and develop the entertainment market across the world through the production and promotion of high quality musical products. …

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