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Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi

We here at Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi are Japanese pop culture fiends. Whether we?re talking about anime, manga, the crazy impressive breakthroughs in robot technology, novelty snack foods, J-rock and J-pop music, or anything else, we?ll do our best to cover the whole range of all things Japanese, and point you guys (our faithful readers) to …

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J-POP GO is a UK-based website celebrating J-Pop with features, reviews, news and interviews. It?s also a club night which stages live performances and features DJs playing a wide variety of J-Pop tunes. The website has also had the privilege of interviewing the likes of Dempagumi.Inc,, Tokyo Girls? Style, Nagi Yanagi, Hotei, Hiroyuki Itoh …

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ARAMA! JAPAN is an English-language online media website providing complete coverage of Japanese pop culture. This ranges from news and gossip about Japanese celebrities, anime, music, movies, fashion and video-games. We?ve got it all!