Genre: Drum & Bass


Free electronic music label. Outertone also helps artists release their new tracks through our label Рwe help with promotion and distribution to streaming services (Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, Xbox Music, Google Play) while offering artists percentages they can’t beat! If you would like to submit your music to us, please send it to our e-mail.

Drop It Network

Free edm music and best music videos. Submissions can be sent to our e-mail.

MOR Drum & Bass

On our channel, we feature the best of drum & bass music and related genres, sharing artists both known and unknown. To submit music to us, please visit our Music Submission Page.

MOR Network

We are a network of YouTube promotional channels that constantly spreads music, art, and photography across a diverse and international audience. Featuring the best in chillstep, chilled, bass music, indie, electronic dance music, house music, drum & bass, electro swing, ambient & hip hop. Supporting independent labels and artists, known and unknown. To submit music …

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