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cold kiss sound

Your daily dose of doujin music! You’ll find a variety of unique artists and tracks here.

Waifu Wednesdays

We are an independent music label and curation channel dedicated to spreading your favorite tunes! We promote anime related music to the world! Please direct all submissions to our official Discord page.

Elegant Sister (ES)

Doujin Music collector team of brother and little sister. Elegant Sister will make crossfade videos and promote promising albums from doujin music events such as M3 or Comiket. We collect, share underrated artist’s musical productions in various genres, from electronic, experimental to ethnic or classical. If you are curious to discover many different genres of …

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My goal is to introduce people on underrated doujin music tracks (and also artcore) so that they can appreciate the work of that particular artist. I take zero credit for all the videos I’ve posted, and I hope you guys can enjoy the music as much as I do.


Doujin music promotion channel.

Yo Kaze

I listen to doujin music and upload what I’ve discovered to this YouTube channel. I’m introducing and promoting doujin and indie music of various genres. You can send your track for promotion to my e-mail address.

Evella Doujin Promotion

This is the official account of the doujin music promotion channel. Submit your music through our Music Submission Page.


This is a music channel focusing mainly on uploading artcore and doujin music.

Phoenix Kappashiro

Welcome to my doujin music channel. Here you are mostly going to find any kinds of doujin music but touhou arrangements will be our main focus.