Genre: Classical

Superb Study | Instrumental

Need to focus? This is just the playlist for you. Only instrumental music from a wide range of genres. The tracks are picked and listed carefully, so no need to shuffle.


Shoot it in the right direction, make making it your intention. Live those dreams, scheme those schemes. Visit our website to submit your own music.

Instrumental, Relaxing & Nostalgic

Similar to peaceful piano, stress release, etc. Great for studying, sleeping, reading or doing yoga. Submissions can be sent to our e-mail address.


All songs played on the chapman stick, piano, harp and guitar.

Morning Meditation

Beautiful – delicate – classical. These soft piano and instrumental compositions are sure to put some Zen into your morning meditation. Please submit your music through my Soundplate page.

New Age Piano Top 100

I’ve made a playlist of the top 100 new age and new classical pianists. I hope you find something new. I’ve also added my two newest albums at the bottom, so the music doesn’t stop.